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10714 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53214
(414) 475-0550

Quality of Work - No complaints here. I live in a rural area and getting someone to cut an program a new key for my car has been a challenge. Whitlow's (which is in the area where I work) did it in without any problems. Customer Service - Over promise and under deliver. I was originally told it would take 20 minutes to cut and program two keys. Whitlow's did it in 5. Very pleasant staff... Location - No problems at all. Very easy to find. Summary - Really appreciate the great and quick service.

Went to Whitlow's to purchase a safe for the spouse for Christmas. Kyle was helpful and very knowledgable. Based on his service decided to also get a new deadbolt on my back door with a combination lock. All set up for delivery and install next week.

I had two car key remotes programmed today by Luke. It was a very easy and inexpensive process. Luke was so friendly, helpful and super quick. I highly recommend using Whitlow's.

Really easy. Kyle emailed me with an estimate said to come in anytime. Every other locksmith and the car dealer gave me a hard time because I had my own key fob. Whitlow's $30.00 less than the dealer and I didn't have to wait a week for an appointment. Nice guys. Fast service Great price. They will get my business next time.

I called to inquire about having all my locks re-keyed, because we had just purchased a house. The man I spoke with gave me the price to come out to re-key them, but then also told me if I brought the locks in to the store, it would be much more cost effective. I really appreciated that they told me about the cost savings; most companies won't do that. I love a good deal, so I took them in to be re- keyed. Literally, it was about $75 less on the first lock alone, and my total for 6 locks and 8 keys was less than what it would have cost for them to come out to my home for one lock. Additionally, the staff were fast, friendly, and able to accommodate my needs within about an hour and a half, even though it was a Saturday. I would definitely recommend Whitlow's, and will remember to use them the next time I need locksmith services.

I just stopped in and had 5 keys cut. Fast and friendly. If the owner sees this, Rob needs a raise! That amount of enthusiasm and professionalism should always be rewarded.

Wish there were more businesses that provide the service and quality of work that this place provides. Staff is friendly, top notch professionals that know their stuff.

HORRIBLE customer service. The young kid I dealt with at the counter isn't very bright. Within 15 minutes of leaving the store after placing my order I received TWO phone calls from him asking for information that I had just provided while standing at the counter. They also told me that the initial quote they gave me was wrong and I'd have to pay almost 10% more. I not only repeatedly (at LEAST 3 times) told them I needed a drive-in type latch, I went so far as to show them a picture I took of it to make sure they new what I needed. A couple weeks later I pick up my door knob set, take it home, rip the old door knob out of the door and begin to put in the new one only to find they didn't give me, guess, a drive in latch. When I called and told them they didn't give me what I ordered I was told that, with a knob-less door, everyone is getting ready to leave for the day and I'd have to go back out there the next day even though they screwed up. They need to get smarter counter help who care about the customer. God help you if you're looking for something more complicated than a simple door knob.

This is an important find if you need auto remote or transponder keys. Jaguar keys are very expensive ($400) and not all dealers have the equipment to program a new one for you. For $150, I had my defective remote replaced at Whitlow's and I also purchased a second transponder key. Additionally, for $9 per lock, if the owner brings in the lock, Whitlow's will re-key it. The staff is very friendly and professional. People contact them from all over the U.S. because there are few places like this. If you live in the Milwaukee area, this place is worth checking out.

Often when the locks on your house or car are going bad, it is really the crappy keys you had made at Home Depot. Don't use WD-40 they have something better. These guy do chipped keys way cheaper than dealer ships.

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