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1211A Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216
(718) 398-2507

Really happy with my service. I just needed my deadbolt on my door changed, and I selected them because they quoted me less than the other 2 locksmiths I called. The manager not only gave me a direct number to reach him, but I also received a call the day of to confirm. They gave me no problem when I actually needed to push my appointment back 30 min. The technician came at 12:30pm on the dot (we actually saw him waiting in his car outside a few minutes before the appointment). He was in and out in 23 minutes.

They were very kind and professional. I called and they came quick. Nick (for short) was very kind and more then fair. He called when he was running late (which he wasn't) and did a great job. He was fast (under 45mins). I don't give 5 stars check my reviews. They definitely deserve it. Thank you. highly recommended

They do come quickly and they get the job done. Probably more than I wanted to pay but to have a lock taken out and a new one installed all in an hour from the time I was locked out is pretty good.

Did the job when I most needed them. They were able to break the lock and add a new one. I would use again stuck in a similar situation

Rom came quickly and had all the tools needed to fix my lock. Was locked INSIDE of my apartment (yes, that happens) and he was able to quickly unlock and replace the lock.

My boyfriend had his apartment broken into. Actually, totally disturbing, someone broke in and LIVED there while he was away for the holidays. He came home at 2am to find everything ransacked and genuinely, someone having moved in. Needless to say, the locks had to get changed ASAP. I quickly yelped locksmiths in the area, and Brooklyn Atlantic popped up. Not many 24h locksmiths are actually 24 hours - I was so relieved when Sonny picked up. He was really nice and said he would be there in 20m and could provide a free estimate before beginning any work. He even called to let us know when he was nearby. He came upstairs, evaluated the locks, told us what our options were, and had everything installed within 1 hour of calling him. He was great to work with, and I am so very grateful he was able to help us out. We really needed that reassurance and customer service at that moment, and Sonny came through. Definitely recommend.

I just had a wonderful experience with Brooklyn Atlantic Locksmith. One of my locks wasn't working well. I called and a very nice young man name Ben was very helpful. He sent Paul who was great as well. Fast quality service, price was right too (I checked). Highly recommended!

I got locked out my apartment the other day and couldn't get my friend to drop off my spare key cause he was out of town. I did a search on phone and found this company wasn't sure if they come out to The Bronx but they did in 30 minutes they were here and got me in my apartment just in time for me to get to work on time. They're Quick, reliable and affordable. Now I have them saved on my phone just in case.

This must be the worst locksmith ever. They installed 2 locks and both do not work. When I asked them to come back, they said they were busy and would not work nights or weekends even though they call themselve a 24 hour locksmith. They had an attitude and did not come back to install new locks even thought i called them several times. I am thinking about filing a complaint against the. They are horrible!

In need of a locksmith at 2AM, I stood outside the door to my apartment, calling one locksmith after another. I started to panic because none of the so-called 24 hour locksmiths were picking up. I was relieved when someone at Brooklyn Atlantic picked up the phone and said a locksmith would be there within 15-20 minutes. The locksmith arrived right on schedule and "broke in" to my apartment. Upon opening my door, he asked to see my ID and a piece of mail that I'd received at my home address, to verify that I had a legal right to enter the apartment. I hadn't thought of the importance of taking this precaution and I'm glad that the locksmith did. Given the hour and my dire need to get into my apartment, I expected to pay dearly for the locksmith's services and I sure did: $272, which didn't even cover the cost of replacing the broken lock. But I'm not really complaining because for a while there, I was convinced that I'd have to sleep outside my apartment in the hallway.

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