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Locksmith Wine & Burger Bar

4463 Broadway
New York, NY 10040
(212) 304-9463

Came in around 1:30 am with my friend. I've never gone to any of the bars in my neighborhood but decided to give it a shot. For a Tuesday night there were quite a few people inside. Nice atmosphere and there were two TVs on. As soon as we sat down near the window at a 2-top, the bartender came out from behind the bar to greet us and give us ice waters. Very good in my book since most bars don't do this kind gesture. I got the cocktail of the week Rose Spritzer (I think) and my friend got the T. My drink was really good and not too strong, which is what I like. My friend's drink was VERY strong and immediately you taste the tequila, which is what she likes. I will definitely be coming back.

Not a huge fan. I've been a few times and it's really small and often loud. Last time my friend and I both had burgers and just weren't impressed.

Locksmith is my neighborhood bar, and I've been dining and drinking in this neighborhood for at least 15 years. The food here has always been excellent, Brunch is awesome. But the Bartender makes THE best Margaritas Uptown!! I'm a bartender myself for ten years downtown (in some fancy places) and I must say, Cruz the bartender makes the best Margaritas. I've tried them everywhere uptown, on Broadway and Dykman included. If you come to Locksmith ask for Cruz!!!

I have been going to Locksmith regularly since 2012. I really enjoyed all my meals and the service was wonderful. Something went terribly in 2015. The service standard went down, the food was sometimes inedible. I was very saddened, like seeing a friend going down the road to perdition. Well, sometime in early 2016, I decided to give the place another try. I am so glad that I did! I am happy to report that Locksmith is back to its former excellent quality. The food is delicious and the service is on point. Jaime is the best, and she makes the most delicious Bloody Marys I've ever had. If you see some negative reviews, take them with a grain of salt and try it for yourself. I think you will be as satisfied as I am, and I am a picky eater who expects nothing but the best.

Came in a couple of weeks ago for some happy hour/day drinking with a buddy of mine who was in town, and we had a great time! We sat at the bar and the bartender greeted us immediately. I forgot her name but she was a nice young lady who was pursuing acting. Right away she told us about the specials, which included a burger and beer combo. We immediately told her to stop and we didn't need to hear anymore; two burger/beer combos, please! We opted for cans of Tecate with our meals. The food came out promptly and was delicious. We destroyed our meal and continued to enjoy the rest of happy hour. Overall, the place is smaller and has a good vibe to it. The bartender was friendly and nice and was hustling helping people on the floor as well as the bar. All the other drinks I observed her making looked really good, especially the margaritas. The bar was clean and organized and the bathrooms were clean, too. My friend and I only came in for a burger and happy hour beers but I will definitely make it a point to come back here next time I'm in the area!

this is one of the smallest bars i been to, But i must tell you i love this place. The name is cool and the theme inside as well. The bartender is great and so as the waitress. The drinks are on point and so as the burgers. The music is great the place is real cozy i would recommend this place to any one trying to have a good time just a laid back spot.

Nice chill bar and burger place in the neighborhood. Nice selection of beers in tap. The food is good, not super inventive or different, but you can definitely get a solid burger and fries from this place.

Good - Buffalo Wings for appetizers were delicious and the beer selection is great. Bad - The service is a hit or miss. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was empty, so I expected to have great service. Unfortunately the waitress was on the phone texting and talking the entire time. I had to call the bartender over just to get water or ask for condiments. Order my burger medium and it came out well done. asked for peperjack cheese and received american. She forgot the bacon. If you're not going to write the order down, at least don't forget the details of the order. The waitress seemed to be more into her conversation than the customers. I'd rather go there on a friday or saturday night for drinks and music. They need to improve on their service, for those hoping to eat food.

Brunch review: I was surprised they started to offer bottomless mimosas brunch. I recall this establishment speaking out against bottomless brunches on social media in the past. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this place for a boozy brunch. The mimosas were mostly juice, bright orange, barely any fizz. I've been here for brunch in the past when they charged per drink and those mimosas were not like that at all. If you're going to offer mimosas (bottomless or not) they should be made correctly, otherwise there is no point in spending the extra money.

Today, I ordered two burgers from Locksmith at 7:18pm via Seamless. We were told the burgers would arrive between 8:15pm and 8:25pm. At 9pm, we called Seamless asking about our food and Seamless contacted Locksmith for us, and comped the meal. We then contacted the restaurant and we were told our food would arrive by 9:20. At 9:45pm, we called Locksmith again asking for our food only to be told "we are no longer taking orders." The person answering the phone then lied, and said our food would be here in 5 minutes. It is now 10:04pm and we still don't have the food we ordered. EVEN FREE FOOD IS NOT WORTH THIS OUTRAGEOUS WAIT. This was an excellent lesson on why I should be buying my own groceries and making my own turkey burgers instead of ever patronizing Locksmith again. Update. We just learned at 10:11pm that our burgers are now coming out the oven at Locksmith. Not sure if I should even believe this pack of liars. Maybe they are not sending us any food at all. Locksmith needs to be DELISTED from Seamless forever and always.

Place is great for a beer and wings! Felt so bad for the ( super friendly and welcoming) bartender/waitress/ hostess because she was all alone up front! Pro tip: get rid of the breading on the wings. All's good here! Could use more on tap options but whatever! Get more staff!!! Or at least staff that shows up to help each other out! Will def be back because our waitress was uber cool

It was OK, extra emphasis on the ok. Although the customer service was good, there wasn't a wide selection of food on the menu. It's not a place to go with a big group as the space is very small. Even though they accommodated my friends and I (we were a group of more than 10) it was quite uncomfortable. Other than the small menu and small space, the place isn't bad. The food was good, I had the steak sandwich. To conclude it's not the best burger joint, with mesmerizing food but it's not bad. It's a last minute decision type of place.

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