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Locksmith vicksburg MS

Vicksburg, MS

Population: 239 residents

Average age: 43 years old

Homeowners: 84%

What Turning Leaf/Little Wood neighbors are talking about

Who Can You Call?

Anybody thinking about replacing their old windows?

Moving to Indiana, some good furniture items for sale

Where's the best place for an oil change?

Yard Sale Items - In Search of . . . .

Yard Sale Items - In Search of . . . .

Locksmith recommendations?

Yard sale coming up!

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Why neighbors love Turning Leaf/Little Wood


Top neighbor interests


How Turning Leaf/Little Wood neighbors use Nextdoor

Lost and Found

Get the word out quickly about missing pets and other lost and found items.

Urgent Alerts

Stay in the know about road closures, weather conditions, and other safety tips.


Find recommended babysitters, mechanics, handymen, and more.

Source: nextdoor.com
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