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Awesome service. They responded immediately and came to service my garage within the hour, and were done in about 30 minutes. Their prices were also better than other companies that I contacted. Super professional service. Highly recommended.

In front of my wife, a clerk at Lowe's insisted that I could replace my broken front door lock assembly myself. She said she did all her own work, and insisted that lock replacement is something just about anyone can do. I was trapped. Since she said it in front of my wife, I had to man up and at least try. But Mikey C. is just not mechanically inclined. Whatever the opposite of mechanically inclined is, that's me. Predictably, I made a total mess of it. What do I do? Yelp search, of course. I see Ventura Locksmith has a 5 star rating. Then I look down the page and see a 5 star review written by my friend Jack F. Now I know I've found the right locksmith for the job! Although Jesus showed up pretty much on time and knocked the job out in less than an hour, it wasn't an easy job at all. It took most of the hour to get the old lock out, even though I had disassembled most of the removable parts. The little Lowe's lady was full of it, this particular case wasn't a job anyone could do. The bill came out to $150 ($70 for the service call and $80 for the disassembly of the old and installation of the new). Works like a charm now. Mikey C. says: You unlock this door with the key of imagination.

Amazing key services. Have helped me rekey, get into locked out cars, emergency services. Great local company

I have used their services twice and would highly recommend them. Very friendly. Super professional. They clearly know what they are doing. Prices are higher than I would expect but you are getting a good product.

Roberto and Ventura Locksmiths made a quick and cost-efficient replacement key for my newer model Toyota. If you need a locksmith, call these guys.

Ventura locksmith conducts business exactly how business should be conducted. They are truly in the business of creating a class A service with the customer in mind first and foremost. Helpful, friendly and fair. I had gotten a backpack stolen at work and my car keys were unfortunately inside the bag. I was immediately worried that my 2015 Honda would be easily stolen or found by using the key fob, considering my car was near where the keys were stolen. I called Ventura locksmith and they generated a new proximity key fob for my Honda by using my spare key, and they reprogramed both keys so that the stolen key would no longer work. They did all of this for half the price it was going to cost at Honda. They also did it in 45 minutes and Hondas estimate was 3 hours. Hopefully I will never need to use their services again, but it's reassuring to know that they are there if need be. Thank you Ventura Locksmith.

I never would have thought I would be leaving a 5 star review for a mobile locksmith. Absolutely beyond pleased with the customer service and professionalism I experienced today. Camping at Ventura beach, keys locked in van and two kids ready to go home. Made a call and 30 minutes later Hector arrives and opens my vehicle in a matter of seconds AND got the remote control on my keys to work again after nearly 10 months of being broken. Thank you HECTOR! Happy mothers day to me.

If you have any lock needs, for car or house, call them! It'll be an experience you'll be glad to have. Scenario: leaving Santa Barbara at 8p headed for Mexico for 4th of July weekend with friends. 5 of us, with all our food and belongings (including passports) in the trunk of my friend's car. Before our trip starts, we've accidentally locked all our gear in the trunk, and no option exists to open the trunk from the inside (valet lock engaged). The one key we had for the car was aftermarket, so that wouldn't open the trunk. It only started the ignition for driving. AAA, and all other locksmiths in SB wouldn't or couldn't help us. It's now 10pm. I find Ventura Locksmiths on Yelp, call, and Hector picks up. I explain our dire situation, and he calmly says, "No problem we can get you into the trunk." He has full confidence, and even success stories, such that we're convinced it's worth the drive down to Oxnard to meet them in a parking lot so they can get us back into the trunk. We rendezvous in front of a grocery store, and Hector and his friend pull up in a professional work van which I assume contained all the needed tools and tweaks to solve any lock problem. As Hector shares his passion for helping people, he's also narrating how his friend/co-worker is working the trunk lock to get it open with a very sophisticated tool that takes forever to learn how to use. Not more than 4 minutes and the lock is opened, trunk gloriously accessible! His price was very competitive, and even more so considering the hour and circumstances we faced. If you have any lock needs, for car or house, call them! It'll be an experience you'll be glad to have. THANKS HECTOR AND FRIEND!

While camping in Ventura my family and I managed to get locked out of our camper while our 1 year-old was asleep (we stepped outside to roast marshmallows) While remaining calm we decided to reach out to a local locksmith to help us. Ventura locksmith turned us away and said they couldn't help. Because a child was involved we had to call 911 due to liability issues. While this is understandable so is the fact that I can easily break my own window to enter the camper, my daughter was asleep and fine there was no emergency. I ended up entering the camper through a compartment door. Just wanted people to know that when we needed help the most is when Ventura Locksmith turned their backs on us.

They sent a technician out quickly so we could have our new house locks rekeyed. After realizing that the previous owner had installed locks incorrectly and jammed up another one, Jesus explained options of what we could do at different price points and made sure we were set with new locks and keys! Made it super easy for us! Will definitely use their service again if and when we have the need!

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