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PictureAs a locksmith, you never know what challenges you will face at your next job. To be prepared for any situation, you need to carry a slew of different tools, which can be tough to keep organized in your work van.

Here’s the good news for you: Adrian Steel engineers have spent years researching how locksmiths, just like you, have been using their work vans to craft innovative storage solutions for locksmith professionals. With an Adrian Steel Locksmith Upfit Package, you can keep all of your tools and equipment organized and ultimately increase efficiency on-the-job.

Products for the Locksmith Upfit Package vary depending on the vehicle, but most packages include the following:

Storage – All locksmith upfit packages include storage for your tools and equipment, either in the form of shelving, drawers, cabinets, or a combination of the three.Picture Adrian Steel is known for its high quality, innovative storage solutions, so you can be sure that your tools will be safe and secure during transportation.

GM Long-Wheelbase Vans - Curb Side

Partition – A partition is a steel divider placed behind the seats of your van to separate the cab from the cargo in the back of the van. Partitions can be solid, perforated, or hinged, depending on your needs and preferences. A partition helps to keep passengers safe from shifting equipment and accommodates a number of accessories to increase organization capabilities.Workbench Module – The MD608 Workbench Module features 84” of worktop surface, convenient drawers, and a key machine base that holds key cutting machines at a 25-degree slope for easy cutting.

GM Long-Wheelbase Vans - Street Side

Adrian Steel Locksmith Upfit Packages are available for the following vehicles:

Ford Transit Connect
 Ford Transit
 Full Size Ford and GM Vans
 Ram Promaster

Ram CV

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