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GENERAL DUTIESLocksmiths do work relating to the installation, maintenance, and repair of locks and locking devices. Specifically, they install, repair, and open locks, make keys, and change locks and safe combinations. They may supervise and be responsible for the work of assigned personnel.Key Cutting and Duplication
* Selects the correct blank for making a duplicate or original key and cut key.
* Makes keys by code.
* Adjusts key machines to make accurate depths and spacing of keys.
* Generates keys by impression.
* Creates original keys by hand, using file.
* Repins cylinders.Repair & Maintenance of Existing Locks & Related Hardware
* Identifies problems with locks, including electronic locking mechanisms.
* Repairs damaged lock hardware.
* Lubricates cylinders and locks, as needed.
* Replaces missing or damaged lock hardware, creating a part, if necessary.
* Changes safe combinations by hand or by key change.
* Adjusts hardware, so the doors close and lock properly.Lock Installations
* Installs locks and related hardware of all types.
* Installs locks and related hardware on doors, making the necessary cutouts to accommodate all types of locking mechanisms.
* Installs locks and related hardware of all types from manufacturers instructions and templates.
* Selects locks and related hardware based upon the type of usage, location, and codes/regulations.Access Control
* Uses temporary cylinders to provide access to restricted areas to contractors or to others who needed temporary, limited access to facilities.
* Provides access to officials, such as management, fire, and police, in emergency situations.
* Uses picking tools to open doors, file cabinets, and desk drawers.
* Opens safes without combination by manipulation or by drilling.
* Distributes keys and access cards to appropriate personnel.
* Bypasses malfunctioning locks to provide access.Record Keeping & Ordering
* Maintains log of keys/access cards distributed to designated personnel; keeps records of persons who had been given keys/access cards.
* Maintains data records that detailed which keys corresponded to each lock under your control.
* Tracks Locksmith Shop supplies and ordered, as needed.
* Keeps records of which cylinders were installed on each door.
* Orders hardware based upon organizational need.Master Key System Management
* Re-keys rooms and areas within existing master key systems.
* Creates master key systems manually by using progression charts.
* Creates master key systems using computer software.
* Utilizes and expands an existing key system according to manufacturers specifications.Job CharacteristicRequired KnowledgeIncumbents must possess:
* Mechanical knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
* Technological knowledge of the practical application of technology, including computer knowledge. Applying technological principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment...

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