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6670 Ambrosia Ln
Ste 512
Carlsbad, CA 92011
(760) 891-2797

Great service ! Came out within 30 minutes to help rekey my truck ! Very happy with his service !

Total scam!! Wife accidentally locked herself out of the condo - not even a dead bolt, just the bottom switch on a basic knob. Called to get a quote; $29 to come out and then "he'll tell you when he gets there." Thinking maybe an additional 20-30 on arrival, turns out to be $200! Plus the $29. Told him to go away...found a guy on Craigslist who did it in about 2 minutes and charged $60. 7 Day Locksmith is lucky that my wife is nice and that I wasn't home, otherwise they wouldn't have even gotten the $29! Search for locksmiths on Craigslist. Most anyone with the tools can pick a lock.

Charged SO $124 dollars for a simple car lockout. I would never pay more than $80, SO was never quoted a price. The receipt read "custom amount" rather than a simply "car lockout" or similar, leading me to believe they ripped off my timid SO. I asked why it was so expensive and they told me it was because they had insurance. Only use if you want to pay twice as much as other places for the "peace of mind" the insurance gives the locksmith.

Definitely recommend! Excellent Service! I got locked out of my room and he showed up within minutes! (this was perfect because I am a student and I only had an hour before my class started.) Didn't take him longer than 10 minutes to have my door open! Really friendly and gave me a GREAT deal! FAST quick service! 5 STARS !

The best in San Diego! I was stuck outside in the middle of the night and when I called them and said that I was alone, they arrived in 5 minutes!!! (and I live in northeastern San Diego). 5 stars for a fast and excellent service!

Dude came thru really fast and friendly. Very straight forward and reasonable price. Would recommend

Fast and cheap amazing service Giving 5 starts for this company Thank you 7 day locksmith

I broke my key in my moms apartment in la Costa late at night. I called this company and they had a very quick response. The gentleman who showed up was very professional and nice. He opened my moms apartment and installed a new lock. I am very appreciative that they were there to help. I will defiantly keep them in my contacts as a personal locksmith. Thanks again!!!

I had to change my locks at my work, I didn't know who to call, I went on line and found this guys with 2 stars. At first I was hesitating to call them but they were the only people who was willing to come out immediately and take care of my locks... It was a Saturday morning, they promised me to be at my work in less than 20 minutes but I think they showed up in 15 First a couple showed up, looked like they were husband and wife, after the price fixing he started working on the locks, it looked like he was taking for ever, then the boss showed up and got the locks fixed just the way we wanted them to be... It looked like they were working hard to impress us, I really think they did a good job for us and fix the locks the way we wanted them, I would definitely use them if I need them again...

Johnny was very fast and helpful. He even took me to a gas station to put gas in my car. He was able to cut and program both my keys for a fair price. I highly recommend this company!

Awesome service!! Lee was amazing!! He came out immediately and took care of my 40 year old lock when other locksmiths couldn't. I can't praise him and the company enough!

In a hurry to get into a room I was locked out of, I went in Google and found these people. They showed up an hour and a half later than when they told me they would then charged $163 to break the door knob. He eventually left a gaping hole in the door saying the door was too old and he doesn't have a lock to replace it. Now I have to call another locks it to fix this. That's what I get for reading the reviews on yelp first.

Excellent and sufficient service. I was really satisfied, prices are fair, the worker was very kind, got on sight fast very professional and made me feel safe. Great job guys . Thank you ! ! !

My parents were locked out of their house, they are elderly. I called 7 Day Locksmith and they were great. The person said that he would be leaving right away and texted me from his cell phone. Then I texted him the address and he was over in less than 20 minutes to open the door. Since I am not with my parents, the person from 7 Day Locksmith called me to let you me know that he opened the door and my parents are inside, I could not ask for more. I highly recommend 7 Day Locksmith because they are responsive and they understand the sense of urgency when you are locked out of your house.

I just lock my self out of my place . I called 7 day locksmith and the tech was arrived in 15 min was very nice and very pro . Thanks again 7 day locksmith it was really nice .

Helped us out on the weekend. Very fast and efficient. Even went to home depot to get a replacement. But you'll pay for it. Thanks guys!

This really was as good as it gets! Not unlike most blondes, I locked my keys in my car in PB, the guy that came to my rescue was awesome. Most guys who come this quick I'd be upset by but he was even faster unlocking my car...needless to say I would definitely use them again, thanks guys!!

Fast and quick service. Will call again if I get locked out. I spent hours trying to unlock the door myself and he got the door open in 30 seconds, and I'm not even joking.

We were locked out of our car so we Googled a locksmith. This company was the top result and said it was "15 minutes, 15 dollars". What a great and fast deal we thought. We thought wrong. The company told us they would arrive in ten minutes. After 30 minutes we call back and the technician says "hes almost there, we will give you a discount for the wait" Another 30 minutes pass and we call and she says hes 5 minutes out. After an hour and a half total wait time, a grumpy guy pulls up and we show him to our car. It takes him literally two minutes to unlock the car, all he had to do was pump up an air bag and then slide a hanger in to pop the lock. Then he charges us 80 dollars. 80 DOLLARS FOR THAT?! They must be bad at numbers. by 15 minutes they meant and hour and a half and by $15 they meant $80... NEVER CHOOSE THIS COMPANY!

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