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Locksmith is a voluntary certfication trade in Alberta and Saskatchewan. It is the 50th trade designated in Alberta - enacted in December, 1992. As are all certification trades, it is regulated provincially. Locksmith is not a designated trade in every province in Canada.

"Voluntary Certification Trade" means that it is not compulsory under Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT) regulation. In other words, AIT does not require a person to be a Journeyman or Apprentice in order to work in the trade, but a training system and Journeyman Certification are available.

In Alberta, a license to offer Locksmith services is issued by the Solicitor General's dept. under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA). This license also satisfies the requirements of section 353 of the Criminal Code of Canada (Automobile Master Key License). Beginning June, 2011, SSIA began requiring all new applicants for Locksmith licenses to be a registered Apprentice or Journeyman Locksmith. All persons offering Locksmith services to the public in Alberta are required to obtain a license under SSIA.

Ask for:

  • Locksmith License
  • Journeyman Certificate or Aprenticeship ID
Journeyman Certtificate Wallet card

To the consumer, this means that the Locksmith you contract, is required to have a Locksmith license issued under SSIA and may or may not be a certified Journeyman Locksmith, as it is/was possible to obtain a Locksmith license without satisfying the Apprentice/Journeyman requirement prior to June 2011.

Training in Alberta's Locksmith Apprenticeship Program consists of three 8-week training sessions, generally taken one per year. Saskatchewan's Apprenticeship program is identical, and Saskatchewan sends its Locksmith Apprentices to Alberta for training. It is also possible for persons from other Canadian Provinces to enroll in Alberta's Locksmith Apprenticeship program.

For more information:

Ellis Chart
The Ellis Chart contains a compilation of information on Apprenticeship trades in all provinces across Canada.

Alberta Learning Information Service: Education information and career search tools.

Trade Secrets
Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training's official Apprenticeship site. Here, you can find details on all 51 Alberta Apprenticeship trades.

Alberta Security Services & Investigators Act
Information on licensing in Alberta

Red Deer College

Source: www.plaa.org
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