What Are The Licensing Requirements For A Locksmith In California?

Locksmith training california

Many people have the peculiar romantic notion that locksmiths learn their trade in a former profession – burglary. While it is true that locksmiths do need to think like thieves in order to do their job they actually learn all they know in training classes and on the job. Locksmiths need to be able to think like a thief in order to keep your home or business safe, but this usually comes with the job experience.

Locksmith Classes

locksmith courses So, how exactly do you learn to be a locksmith? After making the decision to learn to be a locksmith it’s time to look into where to study the profession. In California and most other states, certificate or diploma locksmith training programs are offered by community colleges, vocational schools and state locksmith associations.

In these training courses student locksmiths learn how to properly pick a variety of locks, repair locks in residential and commercial buildings, make and duplicate keys, understand the mechanics of locks and test security of locks after installation. There are also courses in different types of locksmithing – for example, for different kinds of cars and motorcycles. Students also learn about the business aspects of the profession.

Duration of these courses depends on the student and what type of locksmithing they are interested in working in and the complexity of the work.

Most locksmiths continue training throughout their careers to make sure that they remain up to date with new developments and changing standards in the profession.

The two main locksmith schools in California are:

California Institute of Locksmithing and the School of Security Technology.

An alternative way to learn locksmithing is by taking an apprenticeship with an experienced locksmith. The trainee will learn the technical and business aspects of the profession by working with professionals.

Locksmith Certification

The Associated Locksmiths of America offers different levels of locksmith certification:

Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL) and Certified Master Locksmith (CML).

To receive these certifications students must pass an exam with a score of at least 70%.

Locksmith Licenses

Locksmiths working in California are issued licenses by the State of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs, through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), who also regulates the locksmith industry. There are two types of licenses, one for business owners and one for employees. Every locksmith that works with customers has to be licensed.

Source: carkeylocksmith-sacramento.com
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